How to use service in Angular | what is an angular service

What Are Service Workers

A Service Worker is a script that runs in the web browsers and handles the caching for web applications. This script runs in the separates background and requires no user interactions. They can query a local cache and provide a cached response if it is available in the cache. This makes more it reliable and increases performance. A Service Worker is a programmable network proxy and intercepts all outgoing HTTP requests and controls how network requests for your page are handled. The Service Worker is a method that allows applications to take advantage of persistent data in the background processing, including hooks to allow bootstrapping of web applications while offline

Service Workers in Angular?

Angular 5+ begins to use service workers that increase reliability and performance of the application without coding against this.
These are the great advantages of angular, and the Angular service worker is designed for:

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Improving the performance regarding the unreliable network connection.
Minimizing the risks of serving outdated content.
Optimizing the end user experience.
The main design goal of Angular Service Worker are:
Caching an application.
When users refresh applications, firstly they see latest version of cached file.
The Updates happen in the background process. Do not interrupt other processes.
When Updates happens, earlier version of the application is served until an update is ready to use

Prerequisites to Supports Service Workers:

For supporting of service workers we must have the following Angular and Angular CLI versions and also our web application must run in a web browser.
Angular 5 or later
Angular CLI 1.6 or later

What are angular services

Primarily, we use services in Angular for reusability. If we need the same code in many components, then we can create the services.
Services are commonly used to store data and make HTTP calls.
The main idea behind a service is to provide an easy way to share the data between the components, and with the help of dependency injection (DI) ,you can also control the sharing of service instances.
Services are used to fetch the data from the RESTful API.
There are various uses of services, like –

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Communicate between two components when data is passed and both components are separated.
Use the HTTP services to get/post/update required data from an external data source.

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